Kids are playful engineers, naturally!

8th grade workshop

With space to work and play, time for trial and error, and access to open-ended materials, children learn how the world works, through their own exploration and discovery.

We facilitate play-based, socially-driven learning environments for kids and families, in-person, and online. 

Through our programs, kids accomplish tasks, send messages, tell stories, and bring characters to life, through engaging, meaningful, and playful engineering activities. 

We also teach specific maker-skills and fundamentals of simple mechanical processes, through our hands-on design and construction sessions: our ‘Makerspace Build-Alongs’.

Whether you are planning a big public event, or just one small session, in-person, or online, we can help your Playful Engineers shine!

Check out our presentations, workshops, residencies, events, and resources for schools, libraries, camps, & museums, led by teaching artist Jay Mankita, and his growing team of engineering enthusiasts.