Chain Reaction Videos

DIY BUILDS WITH HOUSEHOLD MATERIALS: Simple chain reaction parts you can build at home using repurposed materials. Now make some of your own! You probably don’t have the exact same materials, so experiment with what you do have. I learn so much from accidental discoveries and making mistakes. Practice makes progress!

MORE SHORT TECHNIQUES: Use household materials and toys together to really get building. I think of each technique as a simple part or module that can be plugged into any build in a different way. Sometimes it takes LOTS of trial and error to get it to look good on film. I like my builds to be reliable though, so I practice using similar techniques over and over (and over!)

SHORT CHAIN REACTION COMBOS: Complicated systems are built from simple parts. Chain simple parts together to make more interesting builds.

RUBE GOLDBERG BUILDS: Here are some chain reactions we built that use some of these same techniques, and some new ones, too.

TRAVELING MAKER SPACE BUILD-ALONG: CHAIN REACTIONS WORKSHOPS: Jay Mankita travels as a teaching artist to schools, libraries, camps, etc… bringing all the supplies necessary for workshops and community/family events for your town’s young engineers to build and learn together. Check it out!