Playful Engineers Online Learning

Live online Zoom sessions. Detailed tutorials & videos. Ongoing, interactive classes and mentoring.

Mix & match to fit your needs and your budget in these changing times.

Flexible fees. Contact us for more info.

Playful Engineers: Chain Reactions & Creative Contraptions at Home!

<strong>@ SCHOOL</strong>

Constructivist-based virtual teaching resources for STEM/STEAM learning

<strong>@ LIBRARY</strong>

Live Zoom sessions including prep & follow-up activities w/ artist feedback

<strong>@ HOME</strong>

Your family, group of families, or organization can join in too!

I wanted to express how nice it was for you to come and virtually visit my class. The kids were very excited to have you as our special guest and were very engaged throughout the process. They especially liked to see your Rube Goldberg Machines...

They really enjoyed watching you troubleshoot the failure points and were inspired to try their own machines.  Your presentations were perfect for my middle school aged classes. I would love to make this annual event. 
Shannon Beauregard, MS Science Teacher, Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School

To engage children and families in a hands-on, thought-provoking, and open-ended STEAM exploration focusing on…
principles of basic physics: force & motion, Simple Machines
fundamentals of engineering practice: plan, build, test, improve
values of trial and error, persistence, and reflective, formative assessment.

Registered students and their families can prep for the live session with the tutorial and video sections of this website, constructing their own chain reactions at their own pace, and at their own level (of skill, patience, access to materials, etc…)

Pictures and videos are encouraged; participating families may choose to upload progress pics and video for inclusion in the presentation, using the Seesaw platform, or other methods. (Only pics and videos that don’t clearly identify children will be shared.) Examples of progress, which always includes failure, are highly valuable to all – so bloopers are prized too!

Live Streamed Session/s
Jay brings it all together in an online meeting or webinar with Zoom, Google Meet, or the platform of your choice. Session length is flexible, and includes a virtual tour around Jay’s workshop and maker space, a presentation of student progress, when applicable, and of course, Jay’s own live demonstrations.

Follow-up work
Families using the Seesaw platform can continue utilizing the app for 2 weeks after the scheduled program.

A recording of the session can be shared with registrants who miss the meeting, or if preferable, with your wider community.

I want to thank you again for all of your help and patience. One of the last meetings we had was an all staff reflection on content area work. We, the science teachers, used the video from one of our students (his dog rang a bell that triggered a marble that travelled down to release a dog treat) as the highlight of our year and the end of our presentation...

We marveled as this shy young man found his voice through engineering, design, and construction. A big assist to you for making that happen.
Jack Czajkowski, MS Science Teacher, Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School