Online Sessions

“Thank goodness we can’t yet squeeze our whole lives through our screens, or replace our humanity with virtual reality, but we can utilize screen-based technology to create opportunities for engagement, enjoyment, learning, and connection in the real world” – Jay Mankita

To this end, Jay offers online sessions and seminars. This is a great fit for libraries, classrooms, or community groups, especially in these “stay at home” times. The sessions are flexible based on your needs, but here is a basic synopsis:

Playful Engineers: Chain Reactions & Creative Contraptions at Home!

To engage children and families in a hands-on, thought-provoking, and open-ended STEAM exploration through which they’ll have opportunities to learn:
principles of basic physics – e.g., force & motion, Simple Machines
fundamentals of engineering practice: plan, build, test, improve
values of trial and error, persistence, and reflective, formative assessment.

Preregistered participants, and their families, when relevant, are encouraged to prepare for the upcoming online event by going to the tutorial and video sections of Jay’s website: Each child or family will construct their own chain reactions at their own pace, and to their own level (of skill, patience, access to materials, etc…)

Pictures and video are encouraged; participating families may choose to send progress pics and video for inclusion in the presentation. (Only pics and videos that don’t clearly identify children will be shared.) Examples of progress, which always includes failure, are highly valuable to all – so bloopers are prized too!

Live Streamed Session/s
We bring it all together in the online session with Zoom, Google Meet, or platform of your choice (or webinars for very large groups) with Jay, with a teacher, librarian, or other representative of your hosting organization acting as gatekeeper. A typical session would run just under an hour. After a short introduction and a virtual tour around Jay’s workshop and maker space, a presentation including the pics and videos sent in by the registrants is shared. Jay will then lead a Q&A and problem-solving discussion with responsive demonstrations where appropriate.

The participatory online session won’t be recorded, but Jay’s initial presentation including the pics and videos shared by families, can also be shared with registrants who miss the meeting, or if preferable, with your wider community.