Traveling Maker Space

Jay travels to schools, libraries, camps…

Due to the pandemic, the Traveling Maker Space” has been mostly off the road, till big school gatherings and toy-sharing library events are back in season. During this time, Jay has converted his home workshop into a modern, online demonstration studio. Jay is now booking limited in-person outdoor events, and looks forward to putting his Traveling Maker Space back on the road!

If you’d like to book an in-person event, please consider one of Jay’s socially distanced musical concerts! You may not even know that Jay was a full-time touring musician till 2015, when he started Playful Engineers. But he hasn’t stopped singing or playing music. Here’s Jay’s site for those shows.

Please check out Jay’s ongoing online classes, and Zoom video sessions and webinars for groups and families, large and small. With warm wishes for health, and good fortune to you and yours!

In these hands-on, STEM focused workshops, participants design, build, test, and play with Rube Goldberg “machines”, plus domino constructions, exploding popsicle-stick snakes, and other awesome engineering explorations.Sessions are tailored for all ages, abilities, and locations, and are equally great for focused workshops within a grade, or for the organized chaos of a family science night!

“Hi Jay, First let me thank you for an absolutely fabulous workshop at the Monson Free Library. Our families had such a great time and it was wonderful to see kids completely engrossed in building and experimenting and playing. Your balance of sharing information and then just getting out of their way was brilliant. Parents and kids both expressed how much they loved the program – thank you for a great afternoon.” Sandy Courtney, Youth Services, Monson Free Library, MA

Some of Jay’s traveling Maker Space materials
From an eighth grade workshop