Gather Household Materials

Suggested Materials List

Surfaces: table, floor, shelf, counter, flat board,

Tools: drill, ruler, scissors, hot glue gun, hole punchers, 

Toys: Hot Wheels Tracks, Tinker Toys, K’Nex, Legos, dominoes, popsicle sticks, railroad tracks, marble runs, action figures, 

Tracks: cardboard, stretched rubber bands, booktops,

Balls: marble, ping pong ball, golf ball, rubber ball, rolled up aluminum foil, baseball, tennis ball,

Building Blocks: blocks, scrap wood, cans, boxes, bins, chairs, stools,

Tubes: Paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls

Fasteners: rubber bands, glue, hot glue, tape, brass fasteners, string, wire (from clothes hangars), clamps, clothespins, twist ties, pipe cleaners, magnets,

Pullers: string, chain (lightweight), ribbon, floss, fishing line, shoelace, tape,

Rollers: balls, plastic containers, toy wheels, toy cars, fruits & vegetables, cans, tubes, dowels, cone shapes, lids, tape rolls, tape roll inserts, nuts & bolts, discs, paper wheels, spools,

Dominoes: dominoes, clothespins, CD cases, cassette tape cases, books, folded playing cards,

Weights: dominoes, blocks, coins,

Spinners: blocks with holes (bushings), rods, pen and marker housings and caps, things that turn freely like swivels (lazy Susans),

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